Monday, April 8, 2013

Where I have been and other things you pick up off the ground.

Once a religious blogger, now, not so much, a couple people have been asking "Sup." followed with "Late July" and random 90's hip hop catch phrases like "Dope" "Fly" and "Da bomb"

I'll fill you in.

Last year around this time I launched a new project called Dreamgirl Whatever (throw the W up in the air when you say it and you'll probably get the full effect I was going for).  Yes it's me, but teaming up with different folk, particularly of the German kind, doing happycore music.  It's much like sadcore, dreadful lyrics, weeping stories, but with up tempo fun stuff of goodness.

So I've been focusing on that. 

Is Late July dead?


Is this blog dead?
Sort of.

I love writing and riffing and throwing things off the top of my head, much like I'm doing right now. In fact I miss it very much.

But I can't seem to get around the complications that what I put 'out there' (to you, the world, the universe, and beyond) tends to implode and come at me. Misinterpretations about what I'm saying, who I'm talking about and more over what it says about me. 

"You're blog makes you seem like..." da da da da da.. something unsightly uncool un-whatever drama ridden drivel blah blah fuckity blah. (NOTE: Unwhatever isn't a word but fuckity should be). Really what people are telling me is: WE DON'T LIKE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, WE ONLY REALLY LIKED THE IDEA OF YOU SO PLEASE - DON'T RUIN THAT, THAT ONE GOOD IDEA WE HAD OF YOU, FOR ME OR FOR TIMMY.

Poor Timmy.

What's that saying is, life goes on and then you slip on a banana peel and pass away? Is that a saying yet? It should be.

Late July isn't dead, it's kind of in a gentle slumber on a summers day under the tree with butterflies dancing in the air while you eat cotton candy and funnel cake.

We'll get back to it, don't worry. I'll be Dreamgirl-ing it for awhile. As I have been, I should be...

Outside of the music stuff I keep busy with MORE MUSIC by listening to music that isn't my own. Follow me on RDIO and HypeM and you'll get a pretty good idea that I have pretty specific tastes in music and you'll likely like some of it or lick some of it.

 Don't lick your computer.

I spend a lot of time taking photos. Sometimes I'm being hired to model or act for campaigns and other artists music videos, other times, I'm just on a big adventure, bringing the cool to school - metaphorically of course (Core body temperature is stable at 97.3F)  Follow me on Instagram where I just triumphantly surpassed the 1000 follower mark and have been rocking the fisheye and macro lens.

Finally I'm on Vine (Late July), and yes people, it's true, Will Sasso the official Vine super star, follows me, and you know we're tight like that.

Lately I look like this:

Lately I listen to this: 

Lately I smell like this:


That should answer everything for now.


  1. Fuckity IS a word. It is now.

  2. Fuckity was used in The Wire, therefore it is a word:


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