Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They change you and they leave you forever.

You know those people you meet that you'll never understand and therefore never forget; they strike like lightning. They leave an unforgettable mark on you, and impression and a feeling you can't get rid of- and then they are gone. or you are gone. or the whole ground you stood on, is gone so to speak, and you can't go back.

You walk away slowly from each other on a street, walking backwards not sure what to say before one of you finally turns around and you scream in your head WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. You can't say goodbye, you can never say goodbye to these people, but you can't carry on with them like nothing ever happened. So you don't speak. Why? Because then it'd really be over. So from lightning they become ghosts and from ghosts they become a fictitious memory. And it's all weird, it's always all weird with you, with them, with us, all the time.

It happens. Whether you want to analogize it to be lightning or some other comparison of a bold quick connection it's all the same. I've seen people wounded for years by these moments, these people that changed their physical chemistry redefined how they felt about things, then got stuck when no suitable or greater replacement made itself available.

You have to work for happiness, they say. Happiness is not stagnation.

The problem remains, you don't know what to call those people, or if to acknowledge they still exist in the same world as you. Perhaps on parallel earths, universes neighbouring each other, you wave at the moon, they wave at the other side of the moon and so forth and so on. But in reality you probably walk the same streets, look up at the same sky, and wonder if you're listening to the exact same song at the exact same time. Weird stuff, that makes you just that much weirder - et cetera.

It's all messed up. You felt so at home with that lightning so quickly that you forgot what you were dealing with. There's no label for those type of people, there's no safe spot to put them in the scheme of your life. They just exist in the crevasses of your brain, and you hope that time will wash it away or that the clouds will bring it all back to you, that the lightning would come find you.

You can wait in that same place, at the same time but the same things will never happen. The universe doesn't work that way. And at some point, at some time you recognize that for all the great impact and feelings this person provoked in you, they were just lightning, and lightning doesn't last.

We can't compartmentalize our lives. I've learnt this, or tried to, over and over again.

Some people are lightning in our lives.
They strike,
They change you
The leave you forever
But chances are,
You changed them too.



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